Soulstraction is an experience that flows from love and wonder, purposeful exploration against gravity and conventional explanations, toward a pure cultivation of curiosity, love and aliveness across psyche and matter.

Ardith has always been called an abstract thinker, and soulstraction developed not just as a practice, but has become her lifestyle, thankfully providing consistent logical magic most days.

Ardith paints, wielding her tools and mediums in service to her natural hunt for soul in herself, and the universe, faithfully holding us all, while we scarcely think About it. We are rotating on the earths axis at thousands of miles per hour in a universe which spins at it’s own dizzying speed, and we don’t even have to put on a seatbelt as we are held here by gravity, and our own heartbeats. Isn’t that magical?


Ardith is comforted by painting-as-communion. Paintbrushes, pen nibs, bamboo sticks, acrylic markers and Indian inks are her tools to tap into and express her vision of human sparks, held in a much larger construct: the infinite arc of time. Ardith finds the Gregorian calendar very limiting, and feels much more at home in The infinite.

When painting, Ardith feels the flow of this moment, in what feels like a truthful experience of aliveness.

In soulstraction, the now, past and since, all get folded into multiple dimensions, and the canvas provides the ultimate forum for life’s fullest expression.

And colors.

This “ribbon” of brushstroke, pen nib, and line are like the very colorful expressive ribbon, as our own DNA.


Ardith’s distinctive visual language reflects her search for Source and Soul, and that is why she named her version of abstract painting: soulstraction. Humans and animals on our planet have always marked their existence onto our planet, and these imprints are evidenced across time, civilizations, cultures and geographical terrains. Ardith frequently thinks about cultural anthropologists, like Angeles Arrien, and archaeologists like Howard Carter. Their discoveries gave us a basis to understand our evolution as humans, across epochs., and hopefully, NOW. Ardith thinks about the remaining places on earth yet to be discovered, and those that might already have been eliminated by our human activity, as our carbon emissions affect our planet, inevitably altering humanity’s trajectory—or was this The Plan All along?

As mortals, we count on changing, taxes and living, so it seems only natural to connect with the continuum that holds, moves and animates our lives. Soulstraction is Ardith’s visual language, to express our human dialectic.

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Ardith is a two-time De Young jury selected exhibitionist.
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