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04 Oct 2020 - 03 Jan 2021

The de Young Open 2020 – “Of”

We are of every human story and civilization which preceded us through our unconscious. My paint-language is the encrypted iconography of this “Of-ness,”— the embodiment of all previous dynamic living expressions, which represent hope that we will unite to ensure that which is vital remains. The hunt to connect our lives into the greater continuum is what moves and animates my art, as well as human kind. Our physical and metaphysical existence is equivalent to less than the blink of an eye. It is my hope we will be inspired by the of-ness within us to use the blink of time do the best we can.

Framed Size: 76 in. x 59 in.
Oil, acrylic, gesso, permanent inks on canvas
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  • Date: 04 Oct 2020 - 03 Jan 2021
  • Location:San Francisco
  • Curators:De Young Museum

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Ardith is a two-time De Young jury selected exhibitionist.
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